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Goal Setting: Discovering Tools and Tips to Reach Your Goals

Giving you the tools you need to reach your goals by exploring goal setting, staying motivated, focused and consistent.

What's Included???
How does it work???

  • For 8 weeks, every week we FOCUS on ONE topic
  • You have a clear, organized way to approach your goals
  • You have a structure to stay on track
  • You complete a short lesson and you get access to a live session per week
  • You also get access to the action steps, recorded live trainings, guidebooks and book reviews
  • We work together to plan, organize, prioritize and implement your goals
  • You discover a process that can be repeated as you continue to reach your goals

Goal Setting Course

Focusing on one topic at a time

Live Trainings

Meetings with hacks, tips and recommendations

Live Book Deep Dives

Implementing action steps on books we love


Actionable, easy to implement 

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Topics include:

  • Purpose
  • SMART Goals
  • Long Term Goals
  • Short Term Goals
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Focusing
  • Motivation
  • Completing
  • And more topics!

About Me


Miriam Lenoff

Certified Life Coach and Goal Achievement Coach, life long learner, entrepreneur and educator with a Masters Degree in International/Intercultural Education. Experience in many areas including management, organization, marketing, teaching, and leading community events. Individual who understands the importance of development through education and across all stages in order to further our relationships with one another and evolve into a better world. 

Known as Miri by her closest friends, she currently has many roles in her life... Including the most important being a mom to her 2 and 1 year old as well as a wife to her husband... Miri needs goals in order to organize her life in a better way. As far as being a volunteer, Miri is the Co-President of the Parent-Teacher Organization at her kids school where she organizes and oversees the Early Childhood Education Center's events and PTO's activities as well as an Ask Method Student Ambassador for the Ask Method Company where she encourages and motivates students from the Ask Method Company.
As part of her jobs, she's keeping up with clients' marketing needs as a consultant, serving as a Quality Provider for BabyQuip in the rental of baby equipment like cribs, high chairs and other items, helping others nourish their bodies better through fruits and vegetables by representing the Juice Plus+ Company as well as being a Life Coach centered around goals setting and being a positive person.
As far as taking care of herself, she's an avid runner, loves playing soccer in the recreational league and serving as the team captain, attends and is a fanatic of Orange Theory Fitness, Miri is always on the move and making sure that her goals are being met. 

  You have an instructor who is caring, loves to help others, has experience managing many roles, but most of all, loves her peers, an instructor who truly cares about students' success and maximizing your potential! And by the way, her Enneagram type is #2... The HELPER!


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If you decide to take my course, and it doesn't meet your expectations, I will give you your money back within the 30 day period as long as you have done the action steps up until that point. My guarantee!

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