Welcome to the Resources section. In this section you will find important information that can help you in your development. Make sure you apply these concepts to your life.
Take a look at the e-books, life tips and guidebooks that will show a clear path to your success through personal development.


For example, when you read the information below follow these 3 steps:

  1. Take a moment to think clearly on what is the best way to implement those action steps. Start slowly, you do not need to apply all the concepts at once. It is very important to know that you have a plan in place to get it going.
  2. Once you have a plan, make a schedule, write it down, remind yourself what you will do in the next few days, weeks, and months so that you can achieve your goals. The best way to make positive changes is to practice those changes!
  3. Additionally, positive changes and positive habits are achieved through repetition and commitment. Do not rush to read through all the books, just focus on the implementation and ideas that are provided for you.

We hope that you take advantage and find this information useful. We are always available and always looking to give you the tools that you need in order to be successful.

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Personality Development


Goal Achievement Formula

In this document, you will find a breakdown of 5 action steps that can determine how you can complete your goals. I use these steps in order to evaluate who I want to be in the future and how to improve my life. I break down this steps in detail with specific action steps in order to make it easy for you.

Personality Development


Being Thankful

This is a very powerful question that can help you achieve your goals. Many times, being thankful changes your mindset and you start to appreciate what and who you have in your life. In order to move forward with what you want, you might want to start to appreciate what you already have. I am sure you have many blessings. Have you thought about that?


Everyone has priorities and everyone chooses what to do within a 24 hour day. As adults, if you do not pay your taxes you choose to have problems with the IRS. Well, as an adult, if you do not have priorities that align with your goals you choose to have problems with yourself and not reach your goals.

Use of Language

Achieving goals is not an easy task. In order to accomplish our goals, we can follow a guide, write them down, think about what we want. However, if we really want to accomplish our goals, we need to think about our overall being.

Personality Development


Focus Guidebook

Because I know that many people struggle with staying focused throughout goal setting. A guidebook on direct action steps that you can apply in your goal setting journey. Part of the guidebook series from Known Success.

Motivational Guidebook

Because I know that many people struggle with staying motivated throughout goal setting and having confidence in themselves to make things happen. Start applying those motivational moments in your life to be successful. Part of the guidebook series from Known Success.

Organizational Guidebook

Because staying organized is an integral part of your goal setting journey. Apply the following concepts and actions in order to stay organized and reach your goals. Part of the guidebook series from Known Success

Planning Guidebook

Planning is the first step to be successful in goal setting and reach success. A plan with actions is the way to reach your goals. Part of the guidebook series from Known Success

Procrastination Guidebook

Because staying on track is part of a goal setting characteristic in order to reach your goals. Avoid procrastination habits and learn how you can be successful. Part of the guidebook series from Known Success

Personality Development


Share your opinions and your thoughts. How are you going to implement the action steps? Do you have something motivating to say to others? Take the time to write what comes to mind – it can be something motivating, something that you want to share. Anything that will get you to achieve your goals or set your goals.

We are here to help one another on our journey to success. Achieve your goals and plan for success!