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A trip that had no
plans, where would
you have gone?
I was traveling abroad for a week, really coming back to a city where I spent 6 months of
my life. A very tough trip that I was not sure I was ready for. I had left a boyfriend there,
had some friends I had not seen, and I thought it was going to be overwhelming, I did
not really know if I wanted to go back. I had moved on, life in the United States was go-
ing well, my family lived there, I had started to think about my life…
I really had no idea where my life was going to take me at that time. A week prior I had
interviewed for a job. They said that it takes time to make a decision, there are many
people who are applying for the position, etc, etc. I was hoping to get that job. That was
what I really wanted. My life was going in circles and I could not really make a decision
on what to do or what career path to take.
Meanwhile, on my visit, I had my day organized. Meet with some friends, go to the
beach, just hang out. Little did I know that my day was going to change drastically.
I remember that day. It was late January; the weather was perfect, sunny with a little
wind, perfect for a picnic at a park or a walk along the beach. When I woke up, I did not
expect to experience all of the different moments I did. When I was having breakfast
with a friend, my former soccer coach called. I had played soccer for the city when I was
living there. I really was just going to say hi to him, not really interested in coming back
to play. I agreed to meet him and his wife.
We met for coffee, had a great conversation about life in the US and how my life was go-
ing. He actually wanted to offer me a job as a soccer player again. He was recruiting me,
was giving me more money that I had made before and was offering me another job
with one of his friends. Turns out, this job was directly related to my major Internation-
al Relations. Wow! What a surprise! I told him I would think about it and went on my day
just thinking about the opportunity. I did not know what to do. Moving again was not
part of the plan. I had a lot to think about!