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Goal Setting: Discovering Tools and Tips to Reach Your Goals 

Sports Lessons: Discovering Hidden Messages in Sports, Applying These Valuable Lessons To Our Lives

Sports Lessons: Discovering Hidden Messages in Sports, Applying These Valuable Lessons To Our Lives Known Success Course

Guidebooks Included

Procrastination Guidebook

Planning Guidebook

Organization Guidebook

Focus Guidebook

Motivation Guidebook


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Giving you the tools you need to reach your goals by exploring goal setting, staying motivated, focused and consistent.

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  • Access to both courses that will motivate you to organize your goals
  • You have a clear, organized way to approach your goals
  • You have a structure to stay on track
  • You complete a short lesson with action steps on every course
  • Access to Guidebooks that you can download right away after becoming a member
  • We work together to plan, organize, prioritize and implement your goals during LIVE sessions
  • You discover a process that can be repeated as you continue to reach your goals

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Topics include:

  • Purpose
  • SMART Goals
  • Long Term Goals
  • Short Term Goals
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Focusing
  • Motivation
  • Completing
  • And more topics!

About Me


Miri Lenoff

Certified Life Coach and Goal Achievement Coach, life long learner, entrepreneur and educator with a Masters Degree in International/Intercultural Education. Experience in many areas including management, organization, marketing, teaching, and leading community events. Individual who understands the importance of development through education and across all stages in order to further our relationships with one another and evolve into a better world. 

Nice to meet you!

I’m Miri Lenoff… I love to figure things out. I didn’t know it at the time, but in my life I’ve encountered many situations where I became a student and then I taught that specific thing that I was learning. Like for example, soccer… That was my passion growing up, I even played in college and abroad in a professional league, but then I became a soccer coach for a local community center and traveled to other states to coach.

Or take something in school like English or Math, I was part of the society where we tutored lower grade level students…

There have been so many times where I just really enjoy helping other people and really enjoy teaching and being patient so that the student feels relieved!

No wonder, my enneagram type is type 2.. THE HELPER! I had found out a few weeks ago, how cool?

So yeah, if you had asked me when I was growing up, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would have said, I don’t know. Really, up until recently, I really didn’t have that urge or passion… but I love what I’m doing right now.

Everything in life has shaped me, and has probably shaped you, to get to this point and be present in this moment. So even if you’re not decided about what is your next step, everything that you learn has the potential to be part of your purpose….

This leads me to my favorite quote of all time…

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr. – Novelist and Poet

We all go through life, day by day, but sometimes we forget how important it is to stay on track to reach our goals... 

My biggest responsibility is being a mom to my 3 and 2 year old as well as a wife to my husband... I needs goals in order to organize her life in a better way. As far as being a volunteer, I love helping out at my kids' school in the Parent-Teacher Organization among other activities...

As part of my jobs, I'm keeping up with clients' marketing needs as a consultant and web designer, serving as a Quality Provider for BabyQuip in the rental of baby equipment like cribs, high chairs and other items, helping others nourish their bodies better through fruits and vegetables by representing the Juice Plus+ Company as well as being a Life Coach centered around goals setting and being a positive person.

As far as taking care of myself, she's an avid runner, loves playing soccer in the recreational league and serving as the team captain, attends and is a fanatic of Orange Theory Fitness, I'm always on the move and making sure that my goals are being met. 

That's why I want to help YOU! Become a member and join the club to help you reach your goals! 


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