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1. Calendar

In order to maximize your efforts and make the best of the course, take a look at the calendar found on this link. Block off the times for those calls now, so that you can be on the call LIVE... If you cannot be on the call live, don't worry. They are all recorded! 

2. First 1-on-1 Session 

Click here to schedule your first one-on-one session so we can discover where you are and we can come up with your strategic plan for the next few days/weeks!

3. 5 minutes A Day Can Change Your Day Habits List

This Bonus will be opened throughout our time together.  The reason for that is because this list is not just a list, we actually go deep and explain how to make habits happen! Look out for that in the next few weeks.

4. Look out for an invite to join the private Facebook group 

The invite for the Facebook group is done through Facebook by using your email. If you have not received an invite the the Facebook group, email me at

Ok, after you've ​blocked off the time in your calendar, scheduled your 1-on-1 session and joined the Facebook group, let me know you're ready.
A quick "I've done my homework, ready to go" is enough.

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