October 25, 2020

That Moment…

Going deep into reality, like really deep… Knowing that’s where you’re supposed to be… The place that makes you happy, the place that will not be there forever, the place that’s there NOW, RIGHT NOW, in the present moment.

A place where you just want to live forever, but you know that is only for a limited amount of time… that place is the place that you come back to, over and over again. The place where you would be happy if it existed for all of eternity….

Imagine that moment for a second… what does that look like for you?

For me it is and has always been about playing soccer. You see, playing soccer taught me so many things. But the one thing that I remember the most is the thing that made me happy, that made me who I am today and the thing that made me “lose” myself, just for a little bit and in a very weird way. In a way where I barely remembered because it feels like another life…

That moment is hard to describe. It starts when the whistle blows, when the soccer ball is moved for the first time in the game. My undivided attention, focus and concentration goes to this soccer ball, my teammates, my opponents. Nothing else matters…

As the game goes on, the focus grows stronger and stronger. Every pass, every move, every dribble comes to me as if it was second nature… I have been practicing forever, so my body doesn’t have to think, it just does it.

It’s like walking, eating and doing the mundane things. You don’t think, you just do…

Hours and hours of juggling the soccer ball, practicing with the team, practicing by myself, or just running to get fit, it all comes into play to get my focus into this 100yards by 50 yards rectangle, called a field. 

But it’s more about the place, the time, the moment of going into some weird present, where nothing else mattered. My thoughts, heart and feelings were always inside that field, always dedicated and always ready to play.

So much so that no negative thought came into my mind. It was about teamwork, about what to do next, moving with the ball, moving away from the ball, tit was about finding my moment. It was about winning, but about being worthy of winning…

The moment itself is not all about being happy and smiley… the moment is about being at peace… with me, with the world, with my surroundings, with my everything.

It was about challenging myself, but also my team. To find a common goal and to find a way to win.

The moment where you go deep into the moment, the present, where nothing else mattered, where nothing bothers you and it’s just you, the ball, the team, the objective.

It is so weird and at the same time so fulfilling to go into those moments, to think and to do what your mind doesn’t have to think to do. To know that for just a few moments at a time, you are going to feel so at peace and so in love with the game, with what you’re feeling and with the moment.

So what happens after the fact?

You see, that is actually the most bizarre thing of all… when the whistle blew again and the game was over, I would actually have to come back to real life. Real life as if I had to think and understand that my moment of peace and focus, was over…

That moment when the game is over, there is no going back to it, no matter what you decide or try to do.

But weirdest thing of all, that’s when I actually did NOT remember what had happened… did we score? How did we score? How many goals? Who scored? When? I had to almost replay It in my mind because I did not know. It was part of another life.

That life was called another present, another moment and another time. That moment was the beginning of something new and the beginning of another type of focus.

That moment was the end of feeling at peace, of feeling full, feeling loved, feeling thankful for what life had given me once again.

That moment is a moment I will never forget. Because it happened every week, every game, sometimes in practice but that moment is the moment that I know I can always go back to, the moment that I can just feel that everything is going to be ok and everything will work out.

Some people choose to meditate, do yoga, others exercise, others simply read or write. Those moments are the moments that define us, that make us be who we want to be and make us love what we love to do.

Those moments is when we go back to our subconscious being and we live in another  reality.

Next time you need to find a different type of air, a different type of moment, find the one thing that you can always go back to, the moment that takes your breath away…

It is because of moments like those, that we learn and discover how to make ourselves full. It is because of moments like those that the pandemic is taking away more than people realize. In order for someone to feel full, to feel empowered, we need to have those type of moments so that we can recharge and be us.

Find that moment of focus, love and empowerment for yourself. You will discover a different type of feeling, unlike anything you can fell.

But most of all, you will find yourself… You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself during those times. Be you, be well, find YOUR moment!

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