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September 30, 2020

Friendships in times of Covid.

Making the time… To take care of yourself, to take care of your family, to take care of your friends… But also making the time to have a life, to get all your responsibilities done and still be able to breathe for a little… 

Especially now, taking the time for your self-development and for your self- improvement in many areas of your life. To exercise, eat right, sleep, and to also have time to meditate, do yoga or do things that are going to give you peace…

The time to plan ways to reach your goals and the time to set your expectations in every area of your life…


Yes, the most important “thing” you have in life… And the one you cannot get back, no matter how hard you try…

What about the time to catch up with friends who you haven’t spoken to it forever? When you grow up and you become friends, but then life happens and you move on to do your separate lives? 

Especially now, reaching out and making the time to speak to your friends who know you, who have been there for you and who want the best for you. 

So why is this important? 

Why are friendships the most important thing that you can do with your time right now, during the pandemic, when things are starting to open up again? When the times are still tough and social interaction is still “not allowed” in many areas of the world?

Well, if you look at what we have going on right now in practically every corner of the world, families are sticking together because they live together, but what we don’t see often is friends hanging out because we simply can’t.. because of all of the social distancing guidelines, we’re more isolated than ever… 

People work from home or in secluded office spaces, children are still not going to schools, families are still not going out as normal. But the truth is that people need to feel connected now more than ever.

Because of the time where we’re living in, because of the need and the yearning for connection and because no matter what happens we are human beings and we need social environments to survive. 

Because no matter what is happening in your life, someone close to you is also experiencing something similar and they need to hear from you…

Because friends is the group of people in your life that is the least valued right now. In order to protect your friend, you cannot see them or hang out with them, so the relationship suffers. Our friends might have family members who need to be careful due to health conditions, so they choose to not go out and stay home…. 

Because friends is the family that you choose and friends have a strong bond…

Because for some friends, the ones that you probably will be friends forever with, are the ones who can keep on living their life, can continue to go through changes in their life, weddings, kids, etc. But no matter what, they’ll always be there for you. No matter what, they’ll always share special moments with you, even if they become sporadic moments.

But no matter what, time goes by fast when you’re having fun, when you’re hanging out, when you’re on a virtual meeting. 

No matter what, the bond that you have between you two is stronger than anything that can come in between you.

This relationship is not like a romantic relationship… this is based on trust, support, friendship, being there for one another, fun. This is because you want to be there, unlike being with family that you are born into.. 

True friends are there for you and will always be there for you. Remember that they need you just as much as you need them. 

Sidenote: Even if you’re going out and you’re able to hang out with your friends due to guidelines are regulations being lifted in your area, remember that you still need to make the time to see your friends, to call them, to see how they are…

Even though this is particularly for those who are still not able to see their friends, I realize that this can be applied to everyone, even when there are “normal times again”.

Let’s value our friendships and use that as momentum and motivation to work on your personal development, to work on your mindset and be strong to lift those who need help.

With all my heart and good wishes,


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