September 22, 2020

Where’s The Love?

I’ve been wondering, where’s the love? 

Especially now, where’s the love? We are further apart now than ever. We have to be socially distancing because of the virus that is taking over the world, I get it… but I’m referring to being closer together, not just demanding that your way is the only way…

But I’m not talking about other people loving each other… I’m talking about YOU! Where’s YOUR love? The love that you need to have for yourself. 

Everyone wants success, everyone wants to go back to their old life so that they can go back to reach their goals, work on their personal development. 

We’re not there yet… But one thing you CAN do today is start to LOVE YOURSELF! 

What am I referring to specifically? How does this work?

By taking a look at 4 KEY points and things that you can do for yourself.  

Here we go… 

1. RESPECT - Take a look at yourself… Are you respecting you?

As moms, we have so many things to do ALL the time. But you still need the time to be yourself, to not have to work and come back to take care of the house.

You deserve the time to be yourself, to take the time out of your busy day to feel relaxed, to watch a movie… anything that will make you happy, anything that will allow you to be more balanced…

Life cannot be RUN, RUN, RUN from place to place… You also need to take the time out of the day to see how you’re doing, to be in sync with yourself. 

Respect looks like making the time for you… Making yourself a priority… 

2. TAKING CARE OF - When you’re in a relationship, you take care of the other person… What about yourself?

I’d like to illustrate this point by showing you that every relationship requires work.. Whether it is a relationship with a significant other or a relationship with family… A simple phone call is a way to show that you care about that other person.

How does that translate to you?

You need to take care of yourself. Not just by #1 Respecting Yourself, but also to take care of yourself.

Respecting is respecting the time that you have to do things that you want to do…

Taking care of you is more than that, is loving yourself… Think of cuddling with another person, making them soup, buying them gifts, etc.

Take care of yourself looks something along the lines of eating the right foods, exercising, sleeping enough hours… 

So many people are not taking care of themselves because they’re so busy doing everything else. But you need to take care of you first in order to serve others. 

3.  Loving your environment… Loving the life you have...

As moms, our environment is not always the best and organized. You might have a few toys here and there, kids not picking up their clothes, etc… 

But you know what? It’s a blessing to have kids, YOUR kids and see them grow up and play… 

Sure, your house might not be neat all the time, but you have a house, a family (everyone reading this has something because you’re on a computer or smartphone), so yes, you have something that not everyone in the world has.

So enjoy and love your environment and where you are. If you need to make adjustments because your house is a mess, then do it, but love the house at the same time. 

Loving your environment looks like appreciating what you have and loving the stage of life…

4. MAKE CONNECTIONS - With Yourself!

Just like you would make connections with other people (at work or at school, or wherever you are), you can make a connection with yourself. 

How does that work?

By praying, meditating and listening to yourself… 

When you make a connection to yourself, you’re letting your body, mind and spirit be one and you’re able to tackle other things that may be on your mind. 

So make a connection with yourself, don’t let yourself get lazy and not connect with the most important person in the world, YOU!

Making a connection is about meditating, prayer, connecting with yourself in however form that is…

So yes, this world is crazy right now, we have to wear masks everywhere we go, we only get to see human beings to talk when we’re on Zoom calls, children are doing virtual school, but guess what?

We are getting through this moment of time and you have the option of either loving yourself by:


OR you can continue to live the day and get through the moment that you’re going through… 

You have the choice to be better than what you were yesterday, you just need to wake up and do this!

Come on and work on your self-development and reach the success that you’re searching for. I’m rooting for you!

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