May 6, 2020

The “New Normal”…

What is the new normal? For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing so much thinking. We’ve gotten to a point where this new life is now “normal”. I mean, just thinking about what we’ve been through is just CRAZY! We really have a new way of life that our future life will be just a continuation of “trying to make things work to have somewhat of a normal life again”. So what does that mean?

Like, are we going to wake up tomorrow and say, ok, now I can go back to my life again because the restrictions have been lifted… Uhhmmm – Nope! That’s not going to happen. That’s not how life works right now.

I’ve been thinking that we are slowly going to have to move past this to TRY to live a life that we long for. We are going to desire things to maybe go back to normal in some way, but normal is relative. Normal is right now, and normal was normal in the past. Normal is defined as what we are experiencing right now… The term “new normal” is exactly that and pretty soon, this “new normal” will just be “normal’.

So, it’s time that we just accept and move on with it, we are living in a time when things are rapidly changing, even more than before. What we will be left with, is a world that is far different from the world that we “left” when we went into hibernation. To give you some examples:

  • Companies are actually accepting and transitioning to keep employees working from home
  • More people are growing their own fruits and vegetables (take a look at my tower garden page- - from Juice Plus, which is one of the things I sell, they have so many things out of stock because of the demand)
  • Moms are actually thinking of homeschooling their kids (many are also going crazy, but homeschooling is not what we are experiencing, they’re just loving having their kids home)
  • Digital learning products are booming right now and will continue to boom…

So yes, we are experiencing a time of extraordinary growth and an accelerated growth in the way we go about our lives, with some industries. Even before, we were on track to moving things online, but now everything is moving at an accelerated speed.

My friends, this is our life right now and to me, that means opportunity to learn, discover and do what your heart desires to do, within the limits of what we are allowed to do.

Our lives are already different, every day will be another day to get “used” to this new way of life. At least for a little while. We are living the remaking of history. This is such an EXTRAORDINARY moment to be alive.

So, let’s BE ALIVE! Let’s look back at these moments with confidence, gratitude and love for one another. 20, 30 50, or even 60 years from now, these moments will be remembered for so many reasons, including accelerated growth in many industries, changing the status quo of life, challenging the human spirit, but most importantly, overcoming obstacles and finding a way to make things work.

With that being said, I of course feel deep sadness and send my condolences to those affected by this, but in their memory, we must stand tall and BE ALIVE. We will get through this, but most importantly, you’re getting through this already, so keep going and look ahead!

Blessings to all!

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