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April 17, 2020

Managing Multiple Hats as Moms and How To Cope With It

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed as a mom? You have to do so many things. Be a mom, a caregiver, a psychologist to the family, a doctor for when someone gets sick, a driver taking the kids everywhere, a teacher for your kids, a good wife to your partner, have a career, make sure the kids have clothes, the list never ends…

The truth is that as moms, we play different roles for our kids, our family and even for the workplace. So how do you manage it all? Like when do you know what to do what for what purpose? And on top of everything, how to you stay sane in doing everything?

Well, there are so many answers to this, but in this post...

I’d like to just share 3 things that can make a big difference in how to cope with this challenge.

You see, if you go back to when you didn’t have kids. You THOUGHT you were busy. You would think that you had things to do like work, other activities like maybe seeing your friends, catching up on TV shows, work, being with your partner or husband, and you thought you were busy.

Then all of a sudden, you get pregnant and everyone tells you to sleep as much as possible because after you deliver your baby, BOOM! Everything changes and you don’t get to sleep the same ever again.

And all of a sudden you have a beautiful little “monster” who is adorable and you love through anything. But you also might go through postpartum depression and life as you know it has changed forever….

So now you have to take care of this beautiful soul that was just born and as time goes on, you realize that yeah, people were right. People had told you about everything that was going to change and you didn’t even know what they were really referring to.

So now how do you manage the stress of managing so many hats all at once?

Ok, let’s start with:

  • Prioritize: Ask yourself, what is the most important thing right now? If you decided to NOT do anything else, what would be kind of life and death right now? Obviously feeding your kids, making sure they’ve had a bath in the last day or two (lol), and things that you need to survive… You will find that if you take care of the necessary things needed to survive, everything falls down to another category that you would like to get done, but if you don’t, then it is NOT the end of the world….
  • Take care of yourself: This leaves you time (whether it is 5 or 15 minutes or even more) to do whatever you want to do. You need time to do something that makes you happy. You need to take care of yourself so that you can actually be a great mom, wife, friend, worker, whatever… Your sanity needs to be a priority and you need to find time to do something you enjoy. Can be a long shower (without any kids around you), can be doing your nails, reading a book, exercising, anything!!!
  • Have a positive attitude no matter what: Sometimes, or maybe many times, kids do things that might not be the best thing that they could have done. Kids are kids and they will misbehave at some point, right? So above all, keep a positive attitude and don’t let things bother you so much. Choose love over everything and when it is time to reprimand the kids, do it, but have a positive attitude above all. That means that after you reprimanded your child for doing something wrong, then you just keep on smiling, don’t dwell on the little things or even the big things, smile when you can, joke around when you can. I know it sounds easy, but in reality it is so hard. But having a positive outlook on things can really make you or break you…

Being a parent is so hard, it is the hardest job ever! But, it is also the most rewarding. So relax, you’re only human, so do what humans do best! Be yourself and do everything you can to be the best…

So tell me in the comments below what else you do to cope with being a supermom, superworker, superwife, and super human being? There can be millions of other things, but what works for you?

Be well and congratulations for being such an awesome supermom! You're doing great!

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