March 17, 2020

Day 2 of Quarantine…

So today was a very hard day for me… I really love spending time with my kids. They are amazing and they surprise me so much, every single day. They are adorable, love the way they talk, they express themselves, how they play together….

Everything is awesome! So why do I feel hopeless, distracted, not knowing in which direction to go? Like, I have everything I can do under control. We have to stay at home and I know I naturally get depressed at home, like when I have to be home all day. But it’s ok, I think I have this under control…


I should just focus on what I’m supposed to do, just watch my kids, pack up my house because… oh yeah, we are moving on Monday in the middle of this craziness… I should just make sure my kids are fed, entertained, loved…

So where do I end up? Like where do I, my feelings, my overall wellbeing end up? I am making sure everything works out, everything is as under control as I can. I even find myself volunteering for other people’s businesses and helping with their launches and their sales calls to get, just because I have to make sure I show that I am actually doing something.

So how do I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing? I mean I like helping people, but am I putting everyone before myself?

What do I do?

Well, when I feel like this I usually work out and find ways to feel better. I go for a run or Orange Theory, I play soccer. I cant do any of this right now with the state of emergency that we have going on worldwide.

So what do I freakinnnn do?

I calm down, I look at the facts, evaluate the situation from above and I consider what is one thing, just one thing that I can do today.

And this is relevant on so many levels to reaching our goals. The situations might be different, but our feelings, our expectations might be similar.

When you feel like you don’t know what to do, where to turn to, just focus on ONE thing that you can control and make yourself a priority. That is why I made drastic changes to my coaching business.

That night I changed so many things about my website, about my overall message. I made something positive from something negative. Want to learn more?

I’m putting together a program for moms who need a little more help, click below to tell me more about your situation. Just answer these questions for me please?

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