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March 29, 2017

Staying Motivated in Reaching Your Goals

How do you stay motivated with a reason when you want to reach your goals?

It’s a very difficult question… We’re human beings, we have ups and downs and we tend to lose motivation. We sometimes feel super motivated, ready to take on the world and then sometimes we lose that motivation and feel like we want to quit…

Well, I’d like to share ways to keep you motivated while you reach your goals:

  1. Track Your Progress

Whether you use a journal, diary, calendar or an app on your phone to stay motivated, make sure you updated it every single day, even multiple times per day. The reason for that is that when you feel sad and demotivated, you get to go back to read what you felt on days prior and this can serve as motivation. Or, when you feel sad you record it and you remember that to drive you forward!

  1. Plan Your Actions

When you plan the actions that you will take to stay on track, make sure you follow through. You might want to share with your support people the plan that you’re about to embark in order to stay on track and make sure the planning includes action steps, not just a to-do list… If the action that you are about to take does is not clearly related to the results that you will gain from your goal, then that’s not a good action step.

  1. Decide!

Sometimes it might be difficult to make decisions that affect your motivation. That’s why you have to make decisions that will get you closer to your goals and will motivate you to get there. Those decisions can be directed towards a positive goal achievement outcome or away. When you’re faced with making a decision, make sure you decide wisely!

  1. Vision

Paint a picture or have a story of how your life will improve when you reach your goals. Help paint the story with pictures and images. Having a vision and a story helps you motivate yourself because you’re seeing yourself as the person who you want to be. You’re giving yourself a chance to paint the picture of that vision and including yourself in there!

  1. Scream Out Your Goal!

Scream out your goal so everyone can hear it! Have courage and confidence. Not only does that help your confidence, but makes the world aware of what you want. If you’re shy, do it with nature, go to a park or a natural center where you feel comfortable. Scream it out! This also allows you to be committed to that goal, especially when you feel it from within!

  1. Research

When you’re striving towards a goal, researching ways and how to’s are helpful ways to make it to your goal. For example, if your goal is related to an academic degree, then research universities, academic websites, learn about the options you have. This is going to give you pointers and what they were able to accomplish so that you can do the same.

  1. Talk to People

If you know people who have already reached their goal, then talk to them. Find out why, how or what they were able to do to make their goal a reality. If you don’t know them, then find them online or in your own communities like community centers or community meetings. Having people who’ve already done that will allow you to have someone to talk to and will allow you to stay motivated.

  1. Make a List of Pros and Cons

Make a list of pros and cons of how your life will change when you’ll reach your goal. Review the list, make additions or subtractions and that will allow you to re-think how your life will change. This list can be changed many times, but the idea is to make the goal visible in your life and believable. The more real it feels, the better it is because you are feeling it real!

  1. Watch Movies, Read Books

When you read books and watch movies that are about your goal, you visualize yourself reaching those goals. It is no longer “just a movie” that you decided to watch, it becomes more than that because you’re actually going through the same situations, so you feel more the pain and the struggles and how they were able to get through it to reach their goals.

  1. Meditate

When you meditate, you let your mind, soul and spirit become one. When you meditate, you let your subconscious mind come in touch with your consciousness. Therefore, meditation helps you be one with yourself, your thoughts and emotions. To meditate, simply focus on your breathing. Avoid thoughts and just focus on the breathing patterns in your body…

All of these tips can help you stay motivated when you’re reaching your goals. Implement one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You’ll see how amazing you will feel when you start to get in touch with a motivating factor that works. This lets you be in control of your goals so that you always maintain your focus and always keep working.

Let us know in the comments below what motivation technique you will implement and why!


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