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March 22, 2017

Find the Passion in Reaching Your Goals!

Find the passion in your goals!

Your goal might not be the passion that you truly want. Do you feel overwhelmed most of the time when you think about your goal? Are you motivated enough to get it done? Does the thought of reaching your goal scare you? – And not in a good kind of scary way…

How do you know if you’re reaching the right goal – a goal that motivates you, drives you to be a better person. How do you know if the goal you’re following is truly what you want to reach?

Answer the following questions to find out. This is a great way to learn how to structure our goals and how to make sure we are passionate about them…

  1. Do you see the value in achieving your goal?

This is in relation to your beliefs, values and standards. The goal you have set forward must bring something positive to your life. It must bring something that you’re yearning for, something that you’re looking forward to. The value of this goal is determinant on what you want to achieve and the real reasons why you want to achieve it.

  1. Does this goal motivate you?

Having a goal that is motivating is very important. The motivation that you feel when you will reach your destination let’s you know if this is motivating enough. Of course, the path to reach your goal might not be easy and motivating, but the end result is what motivates you to continue to move forward with your plans. Nothing worthwhile is easy, so make sure your goals allow you to feel secure about the end result…

  1. Are they priorities?

If you have a goal that is not aligned with your priorities, then there might be a reason why you have not achieved that goal. If your priority right now is to work on your studies and you end up having a full time job, then you need to re-think if these goals are worthwhile for you, or find a way to work around goals. Having the right attitude and mindset to focus on your priorities is a huge part of goal setting.

  1. Are you committed to your path?

Defining what is important is one thing, committing yourself to actually fulfilling that priority is another. Are you willing to stay committed and focused so that you can reach your goal? Having the mindset and attitude of reaching your goals because there is simply no other way around it, gives you the motivation and commitment that you need to be successful. Make a commitment to yourself and to your path so that you’re able to reach your goal.

  1. Is your goal worthwhile?

If someone asked you about your goal, what would you say to them? Would you be happy to speak about it? Would you be excited to tell them how amazing this new goal has been, even if the path to get there hasn’t been easy? Part of the reason why you have goals is because they are worth something in your life. Just like the question above about “value”, this is about being “worth” something to you. Something valuable is not always worth pursuing, therefore, evaluate whether or not the goal is worth anything to you.

When you ask yourself these questions, then you realize if this goal means something to you. You understand that it’s not just about coming up with a random goal or a random dream that you have, but it actually makes sense to what you’re experiencing in your life.

So, I challenge you to create goals that answer these questions, that motivate you to be better and have value in your life. The only way you will reach your goal is by following through and finding a reason why you are really pursuing the goal. Going deep into the core reasons, the motivating factors and the real needs, dissects the feelings that you have.

Ask yourself 4-5 times “Why is this important, why am I doing this?” You might find that it’s not as easy as you thought in the beginning. For example, this might be a conversation that you have with yourself if your goal deals with graduating college –


Because I want to have a career


Because I want to have a good job


Because I want to raise a family


Because I don’t want to die alone and I want to form a family with my fiancé.

Do you see how deep we are going in these questions? We are digging deep and finding out real reasons why you want to reach your goals. We are finding out the emotions and the feelings and that is how you reach your goals – by defining them, by digging deep and motivating yourself to get through your obstacles so that you know the reasons why you’re setting those goals.

Congratulations to the world of opportunity where life presents new windows. It’s up to us whether or not we open them or not.

Let us know below what you will implement in your life after you’ve read this… We want to know 🙂

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