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March 9, 2017

Changing Your Perspective To Achieve Your Goals

Changing your perspective in life depends on you, no matter what’s the situation…

What does that mean?

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us. We just have to shift our perspective and find the answer that we’ve been looking for in order to reach our goals…

For example, have you ever been looking for something around your house? You look everywhere – in the rooms, garage, kitchen, all over the place. You let it go, thinking that the item you’re looking for is lost – that’s it, done…

All of a sudden another day, you go back to find another item and guess what? You find that missing item you were looking for days or even weeks before.

Why does that happen?

It’s a matter of changing perspectives. Your mind just changed how it was thinking from item 1 to item 2.

The same happens in life. Sometimes we are not sure on what steps to take, what path to select, what actions to implement in order to achieve our goals… We might feel lost, depressed and unfulfilled. Of course, nothing too crazy (because if it is crazy then definitely need more professional help), but we are just not in the right mindset.

How do we change that?

Changing our perspective. If your problem deals with finding answers to a problem, then you might need to change your perspective.

  1. The first step is knowing what is the problem

You can’t solve anything until you know what is the problem. You can’t just come up with a solution without understanding the problem 100%. You need to be clear.

For example, say you have a problem with selling cars. You haven’t sold a car in a week (very rare for you) and need to provide for your family. You’re under a lot of stress and this is the first time that this happens to you. Of course, there can be so many different problems:

  • Problem with your sales pitch
  • Problem with the market
  • Problem with your negotiation
  • Problem with you feeling so pressured
  • Problem with your co-workers
  • Problems, problems, problems.

But what is the number 1 cause of it? How do you know that? How can you understand what is bothering you and not letting you close the deals?

One way that you can solve this issue is by really taking a look at yourself and recording everything you’re doing – your sales pitch, how you answer the phone, how you feel, everything that you may come in contact with – just record it. I bet you will find something in there that you probably didn’t know about yourself…

Another way is by asking for help. Ask your co-workers, your boss, your most precious clients to help you understand what you’re doing wrong. If you select the right people, people who are willing to help, you might be surprised to find out what you can do to make it better.

Another way of finding out how to improve is simply by changing one little thing in your everyday life – just ONE. Shift the focus and just change one thing. It can be anything.

  1. The second step is analyzing how to start changing in order to solve the problem.

When you already know what is the problem you can start looking for solutions.

Think of doctors. If they don’t know why someone is sick, then they can’t prescribe medications. Therefore, just like doctors need to do an analysis on the patient, we also have to look at our problem and find out what perspectives need to be changed in order to solve our situation.

  • Is a solution based on past experience?
  • Is a solution based on research?
  • Is a solution the result of advice from someone else?
  • Is a solution found in the analysis of the problem?
  • Is a solution right in front of us and we don’t even realize?

Many times, we have the solution and we don’t even realize it. That is why when we start to really dig deep and find possibilities and opportunities to solve our problems, we start to see it in a different way.

What do I mean by that?

The solution to the problem might be as easy as the analysis. When you find out that the problem was a basic error, you can start to change it. You get to that solution by knowing the problem and thinking of ways to solve the problem.

It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself. Everything revolves about thinking ahead, knowing where to go, what to do, being constantly in touch with the solution and changing the perspective to finding solutions.

  1. Action

When you know what to do, the problem is not solved. Many times we are caught in knowing what to do, but we avoid taking action, for any of the following reasons:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty that the solution might not solve the problem
  • What ifs? – thinking what if this doesn’t work
  • Other people – what will others think? Is this really how I want to be in front of others?

There are many reasons why people don’t implement the actions that they know will solve their problems. It’s not necessarily a matter of being lazy and not caring about the solution, it’s about feeding those limiting beliefs about us and letting the fear and insecurities win.

Of course, we know we can’t avoid that. We need to stand up to those insecurities and make sure they know who is in charge.

It’s not easy, but again, this is about changing our perspectives and finding ways to make things happen for us.

Wishing you the best of luck! I hope you can change your perspective when you’re faced with a difficult situation!

All my best!

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  1. Thank you very much ….I’ve been struggling with trusting people…..afraid to let someone in my life again because of my past experience…..know when ever I tried to start my life over I always end up alone….I drive my love one away by not letting them in….I know wats the problem is but was afraid of wat people thinks….but I thank you for this …I’m going to make a list of how it started and wat I’m planning to do to deal with this problem….


    1. I wish you the best and I know you will find the solution you have been looking for. I admire your perseverance and your commitment! Remember to always guard that 🙂
      All my best


  2. Thanks a lot I have been struggling for a long time now to have my own house but nothing worked because of financial problems as well as where to build the house. Now through your advice I will be able to think over and over so as to analyse my inner being which will help me change my perspective in order to achieve my goal. Thank you very much.


  3. Thank you for sharing the article. I have been afraid of venturing into areas I am not very good at. I have missed opportunities because of that. I will change my perspective and deal with the insecurities and fears.


  4. Thank you so much. Really I have a problem with not doing anything when people are around me. But I will change this perspective.


  5. Wow some good words there,thanx,I have been struggling too in letting go of what I know is not good for me,but was scared to take action, will work on my fear and what ifs problem,


  6. What ifs, what will other people say, fear, all these have kept me place of no progress. If I can change my perspective in these areas then I will be on my way to achieving my goals. Thank you.


  7. Thank you very much for the training. I struggled with problem of very poor self esteem and self confidence for the past 15 years now. I know the problem but my problem has been the last step ‘Action’ . I am happy because after following the different teachings that you have been sending via email and trying to practice little by little i can see myself improving day after day.


  8. I am greatly inspired by this post to let go of fear!
    Thank you very much for helping shape my perspective, I actually need this at this time


  9. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!


  10. I thank you for all the guidance in life you been also a very good mentor to my life. I will always follow the best idea you send to me.

    Most appreciated.


  11. Thanx so much,i have been so fearful in taking actions to solve a problem giving myself an excuse of what and how will people say and see but atleast you have helped me take another step in my life.


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