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February 2, 2017

Giving More Than Just a Gift

Giving More Than Just a Gift

What do you feel when you receive a genuine gift? Especially if this present, comes from someone who you love…

What is that feeling of emotion when two or more people get together and share the few seconds of giving and receiving a gift?

Whether you ‘re the one giving a gift or receiving a gift, you create something special. There’s a shared moment of gratitude and appreciation…

I’m not saying that the gift has to be expensive or super luxurious… No! What I’m talking about is a gift that can be a DIY project, a letter or an actual object that really means something…

Have you thought of that?

Why do we have to wait until Christmas, a special occasion or a Birthday to give a gift? Why can’t we just celebrate life every day, give the gift of life?

There are so many types of gifts and presents that only take a few moments of our time. There are people who are so dear to us that would really appreciate receiving something from you…

The following are 5 ways that you can incorporate as types of gifts/presents to make someone’s day a little more special…

  1. A letter (or even an email)

Whether you write a thank you, love you, or any other type of letter is so valuable. You’re taking time out of your day to express your feelings towards another person – that person can be anyone – family members, co-workers, friends, or anyone else…

A letter just tells someone – “I was thinking of you”. It can have a powerful effect on a relationship that you might be struggling with or a relationship that has been alive for so many years.

Letters seem to be “old” and not part of the “new technology”, but it feels different when you take the time to write out a letter rather than typing and printing it out. Of course, if you absolutely need to, then type an email and see what happens…

  1. Making a craft

This is also a very thoughtful gift that doesn’t require much money, it requires time and having good ideas.

You can make a craft with almost anything you have at home. These are some examples – a basket with goodies, photo album, photo frame, book, bracelet, whatever it may be – Pinterest has so many ideas for DIY gift projects. The intention is the same – giving a gift to someone just because it makes you and the other person happy.

  1. A physical product

Buying something for others and letting them know that you were thinking of them is also a very nice gesture. Even when you least expect it, receiving something “just because” is an awesome feeling.

For example, say your friend loves dogs and you see a calendar with pictures of dogs when you’re at the mall. You just bought that calendar that your friend is going to absolutely love! It’s a beautiful thing and a beautiful gesture…

  1. Food

You can give a gift or a present by cooking for someone or just baking cupcakes or brownies. Isn’t it the best feeling when someone is taking the time to “spoil” you with a dinner or a tasty treat? You feel amazing.

It becomes more than “just a dinner” or “more than just a cupcake”. This action has a very positive and meaningful feeling that giving this as a gift goes a long way.

  1. Coffee/Morning Treat

Just like the food idea, when you take the time out of your morning and you just bring coffee or a treat for someone at work, “just because”, sounds and feels awesome. Especially, when you know that the person loves coffee in the mornings or maybe had a difficult day the day before.

You don’t need to spend too much on this either, but it’s the thought and the action that matters.

Why is this important?

  • Because thinking about others and knowing that just giving a gift to someone changes your day. This really “makes your day”. Because it’s not about the present/gift/gesture that you’re doing, is about taking the time.
  • You can truly inspire people if you just take the time and deliver something. The day’s mood changes from ordinary to extra ordinary…
  • Because the one who gives gets much more than the one who receives.

Take for example, the relationship between a mother and a child. A mother 99% of the time will give everything to the child. The child doesn’t really understand this pattern of motherly love and care, the child just gives a simple “thank you” (or sometimes not even a thank you) and maybe a hug. At the end of the day, the mother will be satisfied knowing that a simple task made the child happy.

Does this sound familiar? If you have kids, you certainly understand this behavior. If you don’t, just think when you were little and your mother or father did something for you…

Anyways, to close this post, I want to send you a letter…This time it has to be electronically. But, I hope it carries the same message and feeling as a normal letter.

Dear reader,

I want to thank you for reading this post. I hope this surprising letter inspires you to know that you have the motivation and inspiration within you to reach your goals. You have a coach who is rooting for you and wants you to feel motivated and self-confident. Just do it! Get up and reach your goals. If you need encouragement, just visit www.knownsuccess.com and find motivating stories and resources… This letter was just sent to you today, just because I want to make your day a little better…

With all my positive vibes going your way,

Miriam 🙂

P.S. Join me in this challenge and let me know below in the comments how you’ll change someone’s day today. You can use any of the examples provided here, or come up with your own idea. Let’s see how many people we can help to have a better day!

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Miri Lenoff - Known Success

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  1. Hi i am going to encourage all my contacts on Facebook and whatsapp with Jeremiah 29v11-12 and for you as well. Love you?

  2. I’m meeting a school colleague today. We are in our early 50’s. I have not seen her in years. It was her birthday yesterday. I think I will take her some chocolates

    Thanks for the letter.

  3. Appreciation always make someone happy and blessed when he or she appreciated!
    If I tell one thank you so much for your moral support they feel great!
    For example Miriam I am indeed elated in your professional instructions in goal setting and holistic encouragement!

    1. So happy to read your comment! I now hope that you take these action steps and apply them in your life. I know you can do it!

  4. We can always give by putting others in our prayers, caring for the less privileged and spending quality time with our loved ones. Nice Post

  5. Good morning Miriam,

    I am quite elated to have heard from you especially on the giving more than just a gift. To be honest I was reading with a leap of Joy. But honestly I was looking around my life and I can’t find anyone to be a blessing too. I guess I did not realise that either going unappreciated and the feeling of always giving and not feeling appreciated has killed it for me. I used to be such a giver always loved and enjoyed giving treats but that’s not the case anymore.

    Wow! Sad I guess I wish I had someone who could bring back the sparkle in my life and a little goose bumps in my heart.

    I would participate in this exercise without a single thought.

    1. No, you are a giver and just this comment alone has already given us a gift… So, don’t worry, let’s celebrate what we have in our lives. Thank you for participating!

  6. thanks a lot for your kind gift and positive energy you lighten up with my day.
    actually, I feel the real pleasur when I can help someone or give him any symbolic present .

    1. Thank you Aida… And yes, the giver feels so much pleasure from giver, sometimes even more than the one who receives the gift… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Dear Miriam,

    I read your mail on Giving More Than Just a Gift.

    Thank you very much for this inspiring words.

    Do take good care of your self n yours.

    I pray my God, the God who created the heavens and the earth, keeps you strong and perfects all that concerns you in Jesus name amen.

    Stay great.

  8. Dear Miriam, Thank you for the motivational messages you give me and other readers around the world. When I was reading I was just smiling within myself for what I did this morning. Our two daughters asked me when I was dropping them at school to attend their friends’ assembly. It was not their class performing today at assembly. And the love in their eyes as they pleaded with me made me say yes to them. And I attended the assembly. I didn’t know they were looking around where parents were seated in the hall and that they had seen me. When I picked them from school they were all excited that I had fulfilled my promise. They all kissed me and hugged me at once and this made me feel great as well. I’m glad I made them Happy and more especially that it happened before reading this post. I will try my best to make more people happy from now onwards. Thank you for sharing dear. One thing I have also learnt from Making our kids Happy is that they also made me happy. Meaning, you get what you give and in abundance.

    1. Wow Maureen, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the story. Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but the small actions are not really small, they are huge in the eyes of others… So, pretty much, giving and sharing this small actions can sometimes make someone feel so special and in return make us feel whole again.
      Your story reminded me of those small moments – how we don’t necessarily appreciate them, but when we realize how powerful they can be, they can truly make a difference.
      Wishing you all the best!

    1. That’s also a great way to give a gift, by giving them a chance to be heard. You’ll be surprised how many people do not have that opportunity.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Thank You Miriam,
    Since I visited this site I am feeling that I get something I was missing, something saying to me Its now, Your time to accomplish your goals so thank you so much

    Dr Cabdalla Mohamed

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you’ve found an inspiration. Just know that we are here to help you in your inspiration and motivation.
      I wish you the very best and let’s start setting those goals so that you can be closer to your success.
      All the best

  10. really idid that some time for people ididnt know iwant them to feel that there is angels every where some times also i surprise my best friend with the chocolates she loves in the begining of the day with aflower stick to it she also did the same lots of time when igive help to any one that make me feel so happy and gratful.

    1. Beautiful story… Chocolates and flowers! What’s there not to love… Your friend is very lucky to have you as a friend. It’s great when we take the time to make someone happy and in return we are the ones who end up grateful and happy…

  11. Dear Mirriam
    Thank you for the letter, I enjoyed reading it and it made me feel so special. I have released how I take some little things, which really matter for granted. But now I know better. I will make others feel special too. Thank you once more.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I am so happy to read that you will make others feel special and how you feel being special. I hope that from now on you know that you are special as well… Wishing you the best!

  12. Dear Miriam, thank you for your post and your lovely letter, it really made my day better. Thank you once again.
    I would like to write you leter as well to make your day 🙂

    Dear Miriam, thank you very much for your encouraging poosts and letters, know that it really works and helps people no matter one or more. The fact is that people become happier and that’s the great thing. Thank you for your efforts !


    1. Beautiful letter Gohar. I’m so touched by your generous gift!! Thank you sooooo much! Thanks for making my day 🙂
      Way to pay it forward.
      All my best

  13. Hi Miriam,
    Thank you very much for this inspiration message you have sent to us. Great work and great efforts to help us to stay focused and achieve our goals.
    Back to the point , i have sent “I love you dear” to my friend and in the evening I will but a basket of fruits for my children and employees who help me with work at home.
    Mary Komunte

    1. Beautiful Mary, this is so awesome! I am sure they were all surprised and thankful when they saw that. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so happy that you paid it forward.
      I wish you the very best, may this small gestures of appreciation come back to you 100X!

  14. Mirram,
    I have always enjoyed giving my time to someone.Your encouragement has strengthened and motivated me to do a little more

    1. Hope you were successful in your search. I’m sure that after 30 years it’s a bit difficult. Not seeing someone for so long is very tough…

  15. Thank you for giving us, especially me a very good vibes…it helps me feel better right now…Your wisdom and sweet thoughts makes my day! ;)…God Bless and More Power!

  16. Hi.I shared your post above with secondary school kids .They loved it.they are in boarding school so they were thrilled to make a craft to show love.thanx a lot.

    1. Wow Melody, this means a lot. Thank you so much! Would you be willing to send some pictures? I would love to see them! You can email them to mirilenoff@knownsuccess.com.
      Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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