January 30, 2017

A Simple Smile

A Simple Smile

The power of energy that happens when you smile for others is truly special. What happens is that the positive energy of gratitude, love, and emotion comes together.

Let me paint the picture for you:

Harriet had a very difficult day yesterday. She was not feeling well, her boss yelled at her for a mistake that she made in the report that must have cost the company a lot of money, when she went home she burned dinner, so she had to find a way to make alternate plans for her and her family… In other words, her day was a total mess. It happens to many of us, it happens when we least expect it and no matter what, we cannot get over the day that we are having. Not because we are not trying, just because sometimes things happen.

But, Harriet didn’t let her emotion or feelings get down. No!! She was determined to finish the day on a happy note.

The next day, Harriet’s co-worker, Sam, saw what had happened to her the day before. She approached Harriet and gave her a thank you card.

The card read,

“Dear Harriet,

I know yesterday was a very difficult day for you. I just wanted to thank you for smiling, even when you didn’t think that your smile was the same smile on a happy day. You might not have remembered but you were still trying to improve your day. You made me realize that no matter what, being positive is the only thing that we can control…

Thank you my friend for being yourself and for teaching us a lesson.”

When Harriet received, that letter she was so excited… She realized that even if she was having a bad day, she still made someone happy.

That is the power of having a smile in your face. Against all odds, against all things, you always smile at what life gives you and you keep on moving ahead.

Let’s face it, when you see someone who is smiling vs. someone who is not smiling, do you feel a different energy? You might not see this all the time, but believe it or not, a smile can go a long way… People are naturally more attracted to people who smile than people who don’t, it’s in our nature…

Have you smiled lately?

I hope that your smile lights up the world and creates a positive energy all around you!

Remember, having a smile affects your mood and your overall feeling on what life can be. Leave us a comment below and let us know how a smile can change your life or how a smile can improve your day… Looking forward in reading about it!

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