January 10, 2017

The Miracle…

The Miracle!

When her grandmother looked at her, she told her to take care of her necklace. She wasn’t allowed to sell it, she needed to take care of it. Rachel will never forget the look in her grandmother’s eyes. Rachel loved her, but she was old, her grandmother was going to a better place, heaven…

They said their good-byes. Each one of them knew what was happening, but they were thankful for having one another for so many years…

A few years went by and Rachel remembered the necklace. She wore it only on special occasions and took very good care of it. It was a pearl necklace with the initials JL – The initials of her grandmother, June Laborde stayed forever with Rachel. That necklace had been with June since she was a little girl. Her parents had given it to her. Now it was up to Rachel to keep it safe.

After all, the family lived well, but modestly. Rachel didn’t live in the best neighborhood at the time, but that’s all she could afford. Her parents had passed away when she was a baby, she didn’t have any other family members, except for her grandmother who took care of her. But when her grandmother left, Rachel was by herself, but she kept on moving. She knew that her grandmother would have loved to see her succeed, so she did.

Rachel graduated from college, took care of herself, was working and advancing her career and was looking to make even more improvements. She was set in her goals and her positive attitude…

One day, when she was wearing her grandmother’s necklace to a job interview, the interviewer asked her about her necklace. It was a beautiful necklace, how could anyone not see it…

Rachel was proud of her necklace and replied, “It was my grandmother who passed away a few years ago.” You can still see the tears in her eyes… She missed her every single day.

The interviewer took a very similar necklace out of the drawer, except this necklace had the initials EL. They were both confused. What are the odds of finding a necklace that looks just like the one that Rachel was wearing?

The initials EL stand for Ernestine Laborde, June’s sister. What a small world!

Both girls had a grandmother who had passed away a few years ago. The grandmothers were sisters but because of family altercations, the war, or some unexpected event, they had lost touch with each other. They lived in a time when cell phones and the internet were non-existent, they couldn’t find each other.

However, the necklace was the only possible way to find her family, even if Rachel didn’t know it at the time.

After asking questions about her grandmothers, they found out they lived in the same village in Europe, they had emigrated to start a new life, like many immigrants who arrive in the United States.

Rachel couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Even though she had lost her grandmother, it was because of the necklace that she found a cousin. She had a family again…

What a miracle!!!

The Lesson…

Rachel took every day as a new day. She held on to the values that her grandmother had taught her. Rachel ended up finding her family because of her grandmother’s guidance from above, it was a miracle!

Who knows where life would have taken Rachel… Her positive outlook in life has allowed her to keep on moving, to be optimistic. Now life has given her a huge blessing, someone close by who she can call FAMILY (or the next best closest thing to it…)

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  2. This is amazing, there is blessing in keeping and obeying and following instructions,they can guide you to a better life.

  3. =waking up every morning is a blessing and a miracle from Our Great Lord God Jesus Christ who died for us once and for all to save us from sin(death) and i include you as one of my blessings and miracles from Our Great Lord God Jesus Christ because it is not an accident to be connected with you now but i believed in Our Great Lord God Jesus Christ who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. (Philippians 2:13 ). Praises and Thanks be to Our Great Lord God Jesus Christ!Amen! and thanks for connecting. I may have a limited replies because of i only avail this internet connections thru our office and in a limited time only. God Bless us all more with the family. Our Great Lord God Jesus Christ Loves us all more UNCONDITIONALLY! Amen!

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