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September 21, 2016

Meditation’s Benefits – What Makes It Vital?

For over a millennium, people have been practicing meditation to achieve spiritual and physical well-being. Today, it has become a lifestyle for a huge number of people. However, there are still a lot of people who think it’s useless to even think about adopting the habit. This article has content that will hopefully change their outlook regarding meditation and its importance. Science has successfully proven the unbelievable power of meditation to some extent which gives us amazing ‘facts’ about its benefits.

The phenomenon of meditation mainly impacts the functioning of our minds, but it has its advantages spread over numerous parts in one’s life.

Makes you Emotionally Stronger

A group of scientists decided to test out whether the claims regarding the benefits of meditation are correct or not. In reality, they proved to be true. This was found by their idea of comparing Buddhist monks’ brain activity with that of people who had just started to meditate. The part of the mind that is associated with empathy and compassion was found to be much more prominent in monks. This means that meditation not only impacts the way we live, but also the people around us. Having a better sense of empathy attained through meditation will change the way you behave with others. A person’s tolerance ultimately increases through this practice.

Moreover, it changes our brain waves. The monks also showed higher level of Alpha waves, and these waves are responsible for diminishing feelings of depression, pressure, sorrow, and anger. Believe it or not, meditation brings a change in the physical structure of our brains; including their shape and size! After about eight weeks of following this habit regularly, studies depict that gray matter tends to get more attached to regions of the brain related to learning, processing data, and emotion regulation. On the other hand, the ‘Amygdala’, which deals with anxiety and tensions, had less gray matter associated to it due to meditation.

Grants Better Physical Aspects

Meditation brings a change to a cellular level in the body. In simpler words, each cell becomes more filled with chi (energy). This process results in happiness, clarity, and enthusiasm as the positive energy in the body escalates.

Meditation, as a physical helper:

  • Brings down the lactate levels in blood, reducing the chance for anxiety attacks.
  • Counters high B.P problems.
  • Helps with any abnormality that occurs due to tension such as stress induced headaches, sleeplessness, ulcers and muscle problems.
  • Elevates Serotonin production in the body, ultimately improving one’s mood and conduct.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system.
  • Raises energy levels, by introducing inner energy.

Neurological Effects

Meditation begins and ends in the brain. The main source of benefits from meditation is the change it introduces in brain activity. The best part is, for meditation non-believers, these changes in the functioning of the mind can be recorded by scientific tests. Brain scans taken during a course of meditation showed significantly amplified activity in the parts of the brain that have a direct relation to reduced fear, anxiety and depression. Apart from this amazing discovery, the brain scans found that the pain tolerance also increases when a person is meditating with focus.

The DMN (Default Mode Network) has been found to get activated when a certain mind is relaxed and free of the thoughts about the world outside. The Default Mode Network, achievable through meditation, is known to advance goal setting, self-awareness and memory.

Major Health Benefits

A peaceful mindset is the best prevention for any kind of disease, and ‘peace’ is the most basic gift of meditation. It treats various problems of the human body by only releasing stress from the mind.

Taking the whole body into consideration, we notice that a sense of calmness reaches the person during meditation sessions, which decreases blood pressure. As mentioned above, this can be a very simple yet effective treatment to people having problems with high blood pressure. It can raise the variability of one’s heartbeat rate, and as dangerous as that may sound, it is actually critically responsible for carrying carbon dioxide and oxygen throughout your body.

To find out more scientific wonders of meditation, a study was carried out in which two kinds of people were given flu virus. The first kind was people who regularly meditated, and the second kind was people who didn’t. Conclusively, the first group came out to have a substantial edge over the other group. People who meditated showed the ability to yield more antibodies and had better immunity functions as compared to their poor counterparts.

Basic Mental Edges that Meditation Provides

The brain becomes fresh with meditation, as its wave pattern is transformed into an Alpha form that favors restoration. Regular meditation blesses the person with:

  • Decreased fear and uneasiness.
  • Enhanced emotional firmness.
  • A more creative mindset.
  • Developed intuition abilities; however this hasn’t been proved, yet claimed by practitioners.
  • Clearer thinking.
  • A healthy perspective that makes problems smaller and simpler.
  • A sharpened mind through focus.
  • A balance between consciousness and acuity, that is vital to avoid frustration or lack of action.

Improved Sleep

We generally spend one third of our lives sleeping; why not make it perfect? Sleep is a completely natural function that needs no effort to be achieved, but still requires steps to be improved in terms of its restoring abilities and quality. People with busy schedules or hectic work routines report their sleep to be not as restorative as they would prefer it to be. Thankfully, meditation solves this problem too. It radically betters the quality and has proven to be the most effective and recommended natural remedy for Insomnia.

Realistically, meditation is simply not an exact alternate for therapeutic treatments or a fit routine. Of course, it won’t be able to treat cancer, but will surely play an appreciable part in keeping your mind free of negative thoughts. However, just like joining the gym is considered to be a step towards a healthier lifestyle, same goes for meditation!

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